Dear RiseFM 94.1 Listeners,

As of March 22nd, 2021 at 13:58 GMT+2, Rise FM 94.1 was shut down for good.
RiseFM can now only be heard on the internet. Also, no live shows take place on
the station on the internet. RiseFM 94.1 was shut down by the NMHH, the
government-owned media, and radio regulator of Hungary due to RiseFM using the
frequency of 94.1 Mhz without the right documentation to do so.

As a result of this, RiseFM is now permanently off the air in 

I hope to see you all on the internet version of RiseFM soon, but no further
emails will be answered regarding this version of RiseFM, this era
of RiseFM is unfortunately over.

DJ Foolish1k (Owner & Founder)